Is she interested or just being nice about it?

Long story short I'm interested in my friend, she's my best friend and she's amazingly beautiful. We used to fight a lot and we stopped talking for a long time. We started talking again though and we've just been better toward each other from the fighting instead of holding onto it. She broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago and that leaves us with last night.

Last night we got to talking about some stuff and she mentions that we both need to find the right person soon. I tell her why not each other. She said sex complicates things, I knew she thought I meant friends with benefits . So I explained to her how I want a real relationship not just friends or friends with benefits . She said she wants to focus on herself before getting into another relationship and glad that I was clear with her. We ended the night with some small talk and saying goodnight to each other.

She went from psycho boyfriend to not as bad but asshole boyfriend. So I completely understand her wanting to focus on herself. I'm just looking for thoughts if anyone cares to share them.


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  • You do have a chance, but ONLY if you don't treat her purely as a friend anymore, and flirt or show romantic interest often.

    • That's what I've been trying to do, I'm hoping she's more responsive to it now.