Does he only want me for sex?

We went on a couple dates, but he, like, really liked me. I thought I just had the tiniest crush on him (now I absolutely do not), so I went to the dates because I was being nice. Being nice got too far. After we kissed for the first time, I kind of cut him off because I wasn't comfortable around him.
After I cut him off, he started saying stuff about me. About how I completely ignored him (which I kind of did), and some other crap to two of his //female friends. Later in the week I apologized, and he forgave. He hardly said sorry to me. Last night we had an argument after I told him that I didn't like his two friends (who I have classes with). He said some pretty rude stuff like ''I've seen better s*** in a toilet. GET HELP!'' and ''I don't assume that you have a problem. I know.'' ''You may be pretty but your attitude is awful''. No one was angry in this conversation. I was just trying to make myself comfortable around him by telling him what upsets me. He made me beg for forgiveness, and he never apologized until I asked him to. He won't be held responsible for his own disrespectful actions. He continued to tell me that he loves my eyes and laugh and smile etc. He only compliments me on the way I look, and he always tells me that he wants to kiss me. I told him I wasn't ready for a relationship. I told him I connect with the mind, not just words and physical attentiveness.


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