When guys are in the wrong do you let them call you first?

When guys are in the wrong because of their actions and you just tired of repeating yourself, is it okay to let them make the first move instead of chasing them?


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  • Yes. There is no reason to make the first move if you think he's the one at fault.

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    • That if she was wrong, she should still apologize first?

    • @yourebeautiful If the roles were reversed and a guy asked "when girls are in the wrong do you let them call you first?" I'd tell him the exact same thing I told to this girl. It's not a gender issue.

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  • I think the guy needs to call the girl to discuss things to make it all good
    he should be man enough to own up to all his wrong doings that i agree
    if he can't be man enough than the girls better off moving on cause it
    looks like the guys not making the move and in long run your better off
    without that guy.

  • well if you don't let them call you first then you are setting yourself up for repeat actions. but you are already saying this is a constant, why even bother wasting your time on this person. move on. you are worth more!

    • It's not constant like constant I just don't like repeating myself after one time. It's not an issue that leads to a breakup I just wanna be taken seriously

    • if they aren't taking you serious now, they will never take you serious. I am a man. I know.

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