Should I pursue a relationship?

Me and my boyfriend broke up two weeks ago and I've been finding it really hard to get over him. Last week whilst I was still pretty down I met a guy and we started talking pretty quick and stayed in contact. Yesterday we basically admitted that we really like each other and would like to be in a relationship
Should I pursue a relationship or am I just subconsciously using him as a replacement for my ex? I really like him but don't want to hurt him if I'm just using him.


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  • Do your homework, and study.


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  • You just got out of One relationship here, dear, give yourself a chance to break away for awhile from romance by getting hooked so soon at the hip with another who most likely would end up to Be-----Using him as a replacement for my ex... yes, a Rebound Robert I call it.
    Go slow with your flow with getting to know your new Joe. Nurse and nurture what you have started. No one says you have to get tied down 'Pretty quick' just because your heart may still be in pain and you want to try and make it all better by finding someone tomorrow. You will only be thinking of your "EX" who probably still Marks his X in your soft spot. The next thing you know you will be comparing Him to the newbie and it could cause a problem down a beaten path where you end up in a war of the Roses and End up with No one in the end.
    Tell him you have had second thoughts on the 'relationship' and you would like to go slow for now. By getting to know one another better, this is healthier and more fair to each of you. You haven't even begun to lick your own war wounds so while you are going easy down the road to a potential partnership in the future, take some time to put the past behind you and the ghost of yesterday away in Your----Closure closet.
    Good luck and blessings for a great new year. xx