How to ask a guy out/ how to remind him you asked him out?

Really: How do I kind of re-ask a guy out, who said yes but we never made any definite plans so I don't know if he actually remembers.
This guy I've been on two dates with, and have texted every day since the beginning of October was being a little dense and not picking up on my hints that I wanted him to ask me out. So finally I just asked him if he wanted to do something. and he said sure, but then he went to bed.
So I'm not sure if he will remember making plans, and I want an easy way to bring it up casually maybe in the middle of our conversation.


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  • Think of something you want to do with him (that he likes, as well) and then mention it, like "Hey, I was thinking of doing ________ wanna come with me?"

    That's usually worked for me.


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  • Ask him if he still wants to go out

    • just like that? do I just bring it up out of the blue? or lead towards it somehow

    • Just like that

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