Sent it to the girl instead of my friend... Is this a good thing?

(I'm in HS) So I was snapchating this girl that I've liked for a while and then I started snapchating my friend at the same time, and I meant to send him "Bro I think (her name) likes me" AND I SENT IT TO HER, I then sent her another that said I was really embarrassed, and she replied and said "haha don't be embarrassed" she sent another "I take it you like me too" she's either referring to my best friend who likes her (I liked her first and declared so first) or that she likes me. I replied and said "maybe..." and she replied again and said "you made me your wcw" (which I did a few days ago) and I was like haha yeah I do and then we went on with our convo. Does she like me?

Keep in mind this girl is literally the nicest girl I've ever met


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  • She likes you. She clearly likes you.


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  • Go for it bro, ever heard the song " best mistake I ever made"? Sometimes that stuff happens and you just have to go with it. Ask her out