Im not sure how I feel about my boyfriend?

So I've been dating with my boyfriend for a year, i love him and he kinda became a part of my daily routine. But this has been happening for almost a week.. It's just that i don't feel that attached to him as much as i used to. It's not that i don't love him or something like that, but it's like I've become so much more relaxed and,.. in a way it seems like i just don't care that much.. I always used to ask him where he's going and who's he with but now I'm just like.. meh. I've been watching some movies lately and I kinda got attached to a celebrity , it doesn't matter who it is but, like I know yeah he is a celebrity i can't be with him and he's older but i just feel like I can have a real conversation with him - and with my boyfriend I can't really talk about important stuff because he's not interested at all which really pisses me off. And also I don't want to have sex with him anymore.. I just feel obnoxious. I really don't know what to do can you please help me?


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  • ah kids. you will mature one day don't worry. you need still many humiliations to learn the universe doesn't orbit around you...


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