I got mad at my bf last week he ignored me for a week then a few days ago he said he needed time I really miss him what should I do?

I was really hormonal and emotional last week I got mad at my bf because he didn't call me when I wanted him to. I texted him mean stuf and I felt absolutely awful. He ignored me for 4 days and final texted me he needs time to think about stuff 2 days ago. I said id allow him that but I wanted to talk to him bout what happened he never answered. im worried im going to lose him and I really can't he's the love of my life what should I do. Also my grandma is passing and I haven't told him. Should I tell him I dont want him to think I'm using that as an excuse


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  • Don't tell him your grandma is passing because he will think it's just an excuse for you to get him to talk to you. (I'm sorry you have to go through that though.) If he told you he needs his space, give him space. This is your opportunity to show him that you can live without him and be independent. I think a lot of guys appreciate that. Everyone needs their space sometimes.

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