Why would he do this if he wanted a relationship with another girl?

I would love some advice on this one :). I'll make it short.
My friend asked if he could sleep beside me, then we had deep conversations and then we spooned, looking into each others eyes all night, he would stroke my hair and whisper 'my love' when he thought I was asleep. We didn't kiss or anything, we could just feel each other breathe. He apparently likes another girl but she has later told him that she doesn't want commitment. Should I leave him alone to avoid being a rebound? And why would he even treat me like this while he had feelings for another girl?
We always talk face to face, never texting each other. He does the opposite with the other girl.


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  • He was using you

    • Ok, good to know.. Thanks. I think knowing that will help me get over him real fast :)
      It's scary how blind I could be.

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    • I will. I'm also a virgin and I wouldn't ever had let him take it further - maybe he figured that out. At least it made me feel a little less cheaper that nothing really happened. I guess we both just played games :)

    • Cool but be careful next time. Some guys are even more cunning and you'll never know it until he's got what he want. So best be careful