How do you make time for a relationship, myself, friends AND family?

I've always put the man in my life first. To be honest, there's only ever been one and it was a long term relationship.

So since I've been single for the first time in so very long, I finally feel I have time for me, for my friends and for my family. And I'm enjoying myself.

Along the way I've met guys I seem to click with, but I have no clue where in my life I can fit them.

When they want to see me, I freak out. When my girlfriends want to see me, I can't wait!

I don't know if this is simply due to me not being ready or just not knowing how to fit them. I think I'm just not ready, but I do think knowing how to balance these things would be useful info. Can anyone share their wisdom?


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  • Dinners and groups dates! Go out with all of them together if you can, but give them each separate amounts of attention. Or have certain days of the week where you can be with one of your loved ones or squad

    • This is a good idea, I just realized the more social people I know usually see eachother while in a social setting like group dates for example

    • Haha yeah! Try setting up a night where you all can just hangout. Maybe bowling/intense laser tag, Taco Bell, night walking, and a movie?

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