Would girls date a guy that is in his late 20's and not financially stable yet, no career job yet?, he shares an apartment with roommates?

as in, he lives with roommates, both him and his roommates pitch in to pay the rent in an apartment. Is living with roommates count as being somewhat independent? I have a car at least and work part-time at a retail job.

He started going back to school at a later age to change career paths and wasn't sure what he wanted to do for a while.


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  • What about me? Im in my mid/late 20's, bought my house 8 years years ago, own car, have been in my job for 10 years working my way up, financially stable and travel international every year. Stay fit and play 2 sports. Working on improving myself all the time. Hmmm...


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  • Sure.
    As long as he is trying to better himself and working towards a career, yes.

    It'd be different if he wasn't doing anything at all with his life.

  • i sure would, i don't see this as a deal-breaker at all


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  • would imagine so

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