Why does it feel that people don't respect others anymore?

Alright so I don't understand how people don't respect other people.

I've been seeing this guy for almost a month now and all of a sudden things completely changed. Last night I was out and he was out with his boys. He texted me asking me how it's going, I replied back and then asked him. He texted me saying "dancing with this girl and I got her number."

Obviously I'm going to be mad, he didn't need to tell me that. Then he started going off saying how I'm jealous and how me and him are not dating and that we are only having fun. I haven't heard from him after last night and I'm still hurt by it because he gave me so many mixed signals and telling me he likes me a lot and planned dates for us and so forth.

So I texted him and told him that I'm only mad because it seems like you don't respect me like I respect you. And how I'm not jealous and so forth. He still hasn't responded yet...

I don't know if it's just me, but i like to work things out and go from there. But if he's not texting me back... should I just wait it out and see if he does.. or should I just walk away now?


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  • I am sorry but this is so rude. No matter what reason is. He either lost interest or he found someone else etc If I were you, i would not even be interested in reasons. Just dump him. Do not let him make you upset.

    He does not respect you as you said. He does not feel same as you. There is nothing good there. Just let him go. Mixed signals are never good.