What to do if you're boyfriend has no time for you?

My boyfriend is in college freshman and I'm a highschool junior and I understand that he has things to do like schoolwork, stuff for his family, and work on top of that. I respect that also but I seem to never get to see him at all unless if he's not "busy" which seems to be like every other month. I've been confused by what I honestly should do, I really like him and stuff but I hate how he seems to never have time for me even if he doing something around where I live and he could come over and just say hi or something for like 5 minutes. I don't know what to do, one day, I'm okay with it and hope for the best and the next day, I'm depressed and stressing over this situtation.

  • Dump him, you deserve better.
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  • You do not have to dump him, but why put your life on hold? Tell him that you understand he is busy and he can't spend as much time with him, so you are going to date other guys. You will still see him when he can, but you can't be expected to sit at home and wait for him to get the time.
    Honestly, I think he is just too cowardly to tell you he is having too much fun at school. I teach college, and, unless he is in one of two majors, or at an Ivy League school, he has PLENTY of time for socializing. The freshman year is when most students go a little crazy with socializing.

    • Yeah I get what you're saying. I believe the same thing too. And with me, I don't want break off our relationship but at the same time I would like to have his time and attention as well. And I've told him about how I felt about it a few months back, and he did try to make time and I was happy for that :) and the last time I saw him was like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I feel like I'm being too needy lately.

    • But this is why I tell women your age that a steady boy friend is not always healthy. You really do not have enough experience with personalities to know what you want or what will make you happy. Date different guys - you do not have to sleep with someone if you just go on a date; you do not owe a date that. but you might find that there are many other guys out there who are more like you and better for you. Once you know that, you will not be in any hurry to settle for any one guy. This seems like it is affecting your life. You have a LOT of life ahead and your own goals to reach. Yes, breaking up is tough, but you do not have to break up, just say you are not willing to stay at home while he has a good time at college. You can TELL him you are going to go out with friends and, if a guy asks you out somewhere, you may go as a friend. He may try to make you feel bad about that so that you are shamed into staying home waiting for him, but that tells me he is playing around.

    • Hang in there - you are very young and have your whole life ahead of you - ENJOY IT - but do so with caution. You can have fun, but become wise to people around you. You might want to look into "interpersonal communication" - how to read people from their gestures and looks, rather than believe every word they say. Men can be real bullshit artists, but that does not mean there are not honest men out there. Take your time and convince yourself that you do NOT need a man in your life to feel good about yourself. I did not learn that until I was 25! OnceI learned it, however, I enjoyed life much more. Several years later, I met my wife and I was ready for a committment. Take your time and do yourself a favor - like yourself!

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  • Every other month is absolutely crazy to me if it's not long distance. If when he's in your town and not seeing you that's bull. I say dump him.

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