What are your experiences like with Tinder?

Do you use it to just hook up, would you be open to a relationship with someone you've met on the app. Any thoughts about the app, wild stories about meeting people please share below! Also are people in relationships using the app... ?

  • I've never used tinder
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  • I'm on there just to hook up
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  • I'm opening to hook ups or dating
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  • I'm not interested in hook ups, I'm looking for something serious
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  • I'm just on there for entertainment, not interested in meet ups
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  • I jus wanna find someone!


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What Guys Said 3

  • Im on it largely for entertainment and of course the small confidence boost when you get a match. I have however talked to a few matches and i'm planning on seeing if one or two of them would fancy going on a date/meeting up after my exams are over with.

    Of course if the situation of a hookup was there i wouldn't say no, after all i did match with her so im evidently attracted on some level.

  • I'm on Tinder hoping to find a beautiful, classy, intelligent, relationship oriented woman who I can potentially settle down and raise a family with.

    • lol are you implying that women of these characteristics do not indulge in tinder? Because I seriously sense some sarcasm here.

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    • Well I personally have met my boyfriend of a year and a half on there, lol.

    • Well congrats on finding your boyfriend there, I wish you luck for another 1.5 years.

      I doubt that's normal though, for most people it's considered a hookup app.

  • I've gotten quite a few matches from it. You've gotta be careful though because some are scammers i think, but I've had some good convos with a few girls on there


What Girls Said 2

  • I tried it out. I don't do hook-ups, but one week I had a date every day of the week. And they were good dates and fun, decent guys, but now I think there is such a thing as too much choice. It's not good for you, goes to your head, strips meaning and interferes with making a real connection with someone. I dated one of the guys for a while because we got on really well, but I deleted my account. I think I prefer dating without the apps and online stuff.

  • I never used tinder. my friend did and was raped by a guy. If you are looking for serious try okcupid there is a good pool of guys on there i found mine

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