Why does my fiance ignore my phone calls?

We've been together for over 4 years, lived together for 3 years and he just proposed 2 weeks ago. I should be excited, right? But, off & on throughout our relationship he has worked on the road (7 days on & 7 days off). During that time, he doesn't always call, which is fine - but, it's a dangerous job and I worry. So, I'll I ask is that he lets me know he's alright - whether it be a text/message/call, I don't care. I don't NEED to talk to him. I don't NEED to know what he's doing every minute of every day. I just want the same respect I offer him.

So, long story short (kind of) why, after not hearing from him (and I call) does he ignore my phone calls? I'll talk to him later only to find out that he knew I called and just didn't want to call back. Am I being possessive? Obsessive? I feel like I'm just making sure he's alright.

He keeps telling me he knows how I worry and that he should get better at calling me - but he never does. And every time it happens, he brushes it off.

I need some input from a 3rd party. Guys, what's the deal? Maybe he feels smothered?


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  • Maybe he feels smothered, but it's equally as likely that he just can't be bothered calling back. he knows he's alright and that he'll see you later, why should he waste money to tell you something that he can just tell you later? Of course, this attitude isn't the best one to have and I think maybe you should aproach him in a non-agressive manner asking him could he please call you and that you really worry about him. Emphasize how it makes you feel and he should come around sooner or later.

    • Thanks Josh. I just can't help but disagree. We have talked about it, so he's recognized that it bothers me. And I know his job is exhausting. So, I asked him - when am I supposed to start worrying then? Once the 7 days is up? So, if I haven't heard from him all week while he's at work - do I only start worrying after he should be home? Sorry to go on & on - I'm just frustrated.

    • It's understandable that you'd be annoyed, heck I'd even be annoyed. I personally don't think you're being clingy at all. YOu have a right to know that he's safe if he's living away from you for long periods of time. Because he hasn't responded to you talking to him non-aggressively, it might be time to approach him in a slightly more harsher manner. Make sure that you put the emphasis on you feeling secure that he's safe. Don't let him think it's because of an other reason.

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  • unfiance him

    • Thanks for the amazing wisdom...

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