Long distance? bf leaving for college?

Well I've done long distance before, and the distance never really bothered me to the point it was the reason why we broke up.
But that aside, I've met this wonderful boy who plans to go to the same college I want to go to! Problem is, he's a year older than me. We've been dating for 6 months now and by the time he leaves, it'll be a year. I love this guy and he loves me back, I've never been happier. So of course I'm worried about trying something totally different with him.
I've had doubt mainly because of how fast people shut down the idea of long distance because of college. I mean, at most we'd be long distance for a year, and the college is only 2 hours away... this is something both him and I have talked about, but I just want a realistic idea of how my expectations should be. I'm not one to break up because things "might be better this way" or "he might find someone else" or "I might find someone else" blah blah. it's all just maybe's and might's.
But I don't know. Have any of you done long distance and had it work out fine? What can I do to ignore the advice I'm given? I don't want me dating him long distance to be the reason he can't live his freshman year to the fullest. I just don't know what to expect!
Thank you!


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  • I would go for it, a year in a long distance relationship doesn't sound all that bad. I believe they are becoming more common, as long as both of you are fine with it I don't see the problem.

    • okay thank you!

    • No problem, all the best with your relationship!