What are some good simple ways to get to know someone who you don't see too often?

A guy who I see maybe once a week and I are in the really initial stages of getting to know one another. We don't see each other a lot because our class schedules are different, but I'm trying to figure out ways to get to know him better, even when we don't see each other. Thoughts?


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  • well, here's a hint for you, from a guy, if he knows you, the best thing to do is make an attachment, if he's good at something, have him tutor you, and don't be afraid to say things you'd say to your comfier friends. Everything from grabbing him a drink from the vending machine to just chatting over philosophy over lunch is good. A "mind if I sit here?" is the ticket there.. Dates are usually nerve wracking and awkward, for guys, so it's better to leave those for when you just wanna go somewhere to eat, instead of meeting and talking about relationships.


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