I don't feel like moving in with my bf, but I love him?

I've been in a long distance relationship with this guy I've been seeing for quite some time now. We have visited one another two times before he actually visited and got to know my family. Thing is, we live in two different states, and we are both working, but we manage to communicate every day. He said he can't do LDR anymore, which i get, and asked me to move in with him. U see, he has a very well paying job, I have a job as well but financially i am not happy and I don't even see a future at my current work place. Yet, I am absolutely terrified to move in with him, giving up my job and friends for some reason. Our time together wasn't perfect, and we did argue and I felt that I wasn't treated nicely. But yet, I keep hoping this would work out between us. I can't be sure about anything without actually spending quality time with him, and I can't really do that without moving to his state. What should I do? :(

Thank you thank you thank you ) I will think about it. I did try to break up, he would beg me to come back. It's just hard. I do not think we can handle such a long wait because we haven't really spent any quality time together ( maybe three actual weeks), but it sounds like our relationship is doomed.


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  • If you have doubts don't do it. This is something you have to commit to whole heartedly or else it will fall apart fast once your guys relationship hits a bump.

    • That's the thing. If I don't move in with him, it is over between us.

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    • thank you! he is emotionally fragile, and we both have been through a lot in oder to get here. but I've got serious doubts and you must be right. It's not even finances I worry about, I can't afford a broken heart at this point. I love him and I have serious doubts and I'm afraid to tell him I want to wait because I know he will end it then.

    • He shouldn't threaten you to make a tough decision like that with a break up. It's a sign of immaturity so you guys should wait and if he won't wait then move on. I guarantee you that of you break up he will still try to be with you he is just using it as a guilt kind of thing. My wife an I did long distance for a while because I am in the military and it's hard but we did it and we are now together and enjoy a stronger relationship for it

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