Getting to know a girl. You've dated. You've answered lots of questions. She tells you it's your turn and dares you to be daring. What do you ask?

Title says it all. Guy's, what would you ask? Girls - ideas to ask you, or things you might ask him are okay. What do you ask?

Let those "daring" or "bold" ideas for questions flow...
Great ideas. No, we were texting yesterday. She knew I was busy today and sent an email with that nugget in it, which gives me some time. I'm going to text her back, not email her. It'll be more fun. (c;


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  • If she says daring, I'm pretty sure she wants you to ask her something sexual. Although, I could be totally wrong about this.

    • dare to be bold, were the words. suggestions?

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    • Awesomeness. You never get told old for this stuff, it was great. Thanks for the tips!

    • Haha glad it went well!!! And you're welcome! I'm sure she really liked your questions!

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  • I did this with my partner Hannah when we started dating for fun i dont she could have giggled any more than she did when i asked her questions she has a very naughty mind hehe and when she did it to me well best left secret haha

    • Totally amazing. Never been here before, but... totally amazing!

  • What are your sexual fantasies?