When should I ask her out, and how?

So as of a few minutes ago im pretty sure this girl likes me, and we go to the same school and have band together, but we've hardly ever talked in real life because theirs never really a good time. But we snapchat a lot, and last night I sent her a snap that was suppose to go to my friend and it said "Bro I think (name) likes me" and then when I realized sent her another that said I was really embarrassed. She replied and said "Don't be embarrassed haha (emojis)" and then she said "I take it you like me too" (Too referring to my friend who likes her I think) and I said "maybe..." and she said "you made me your wcw (emojis)" and I was like yeah haha, and we went on, but anyway I told a few people and made a post on here explaining that and everyone said that she likes me because if she didn't she wouldn't have responded cause that would have creeped her out. So I'm pretty sure she like me (although she is like the nicest girl you will ever meet) but I don't know when to ask her out and how, her friend told me to do it tomorrow cause she was gonna see her and she could tell her to say yes, but my other friend said to just call her right now and ask her, and my cousin said to wait until we are officially talking. I don't think I have the balls to ask her out in person, but I could definitely call her but who should I listen to?


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  • If you know doing it face to face would be uncomfortable, don't do that.

    If you think you could call her, you should do that!

    Don't listen to her friend... nobody says yes because her friend tells her to, and even if that does happen, it's not really a good basis to start a relationship.


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