I want your thoughts on this situation?

So I've been seeing/dating this guy since October, I met his parents, went to his work Christmas party and have met his friends as well. Everything seemed to be going fine, we both had busy schedules before and over Christmas so we only saw each other after but he told me he wanted to see me. We ended up meeting up about two-three weeks ago and ever since then he only initiated texts after I had sent one first. Then today I went on tinder (where we met which I know is not a website where you usually date} to see if he had been on because things seemed different and it showed he was on yesterday and now today as well. I know I sound like a creep but I was curious and I couldn't ask him cause he was away. Even though I met a bunch of people he knows he's never met any of my friends or parents. I know I can be shy sometimes so I don't know if his parents or friends that aren't fond of me or if he's just no longer interested. I will ask him but I just want your opinion. Also what would you do to ask him if you aren't face to face.


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  • Don't overreact, he could be on there for a different reason than hooking up with someone else. Have you defined your relationship together?

    • Sorta but not really lol. It's my fault on this part but we went out to his friends house and he ended up getting drunk and was calling me his girlfriends but we never actually talked about it. Everytime I wanted to talk about it we'd end up hanging out with other people there

    • Talk to him about it and tell him what you want, otherwise he might be dating other girls as well as you.

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