When do you think is the right time to ask someone about being official with each other?

If you start dating someone and you're fairly new into the relationship. when do you think is the right time to ask someone about being official with each other?

So in my situation, I have known a guy for over a year. We have started dating almost three months now. but we realistically have been only on like 6 dates around that. we kind of live long distance.

The guy I am seeing seems really into me. He's very affectionate. I'm honest with him about whats going on with my future. Before we even started dating I let him know that I plan to move to Vancouver for school, I currently live in Ontario. So I know he's not afraid of distance factor. In general I just don't know how to go about asking the guy about being official.
I had an issue in the past with a guy i really liked who just basically lead me on. But with this current guy I'm seeing, I think I am close to a comfort level to talk to him about it. we have known and liked each other long enough, I think. I just want to make sure I don't rush into it if he's not at the same pace as me. It's hard to figure this stuff out sometimes. ... yeah some of you may think it's a pretty simple thing to just come out with the question. But for me I have not had a lot of dating experience. So It would be nice to get an opinion on this even if it does seem silly to ask. :P


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  • Don't plan it, you'll know. I reckon by asking this question it's time

    • yepper for sure it was time. thanks for your advise. :)

    • Haha there you go :) And no worries, your more than welcome :)

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  • i feel the same way you do. if you've been on 6 dates and it's been 3 months i think that's enough time to ask! i feel super awkward and nervous about bringing this stuff up so i feel your pain haha you should just kind of be like "so i really like you but i kind of want to know what we are exactly." if he's a decent guy he will understand and be willing to talk about it. good luck! hope this helps. :)

    • thanks so much. he actually brought up the convo with me last night. he said he was wondering where things are going between us. so we are working things out, since I am planing to leave for school in a year. but he seems to like me a lot. we are just needing some more time to get to know each other better before we decide for sure that we want to be official.