Which races are most desired in the dating world? Agree with results?

According to dating site data, white men and Asian women are the most desired. While black men and black women are the least desired. Black people screwed yet again.

Do you agree with the results?


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What Girls Said 2

  • i saw a similar study elsewhere but it said lowest responses for women were to Asian men not black men.

    • i have no idea if this is accurate though. i've heard that about black women and Asian women before, and i've heard that white men were highest preferred. i mean, who knows if it's true? i think it's based on dating sites or something, at least the one i saw. i don't know if i agree or not though. i personally know mostly white or Asian people and they tend to be in relationships with the same race (white and white, Asian and asian). i have no idea if i agree with it haha

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    • I've seen basically all the non-white women going after white men. That part is true. The men going after Asian women is probably because Asian women are thought to be more approachable.

    • No , there is are other studies that show black men above Asian only because they combined indian & east Asian both under (asian) but there are other sites where they separate indian & east Asian and east Asian out ranks black men..
      Indian get absolutely no chance , not even from indian woman and its really sad

  • I agree. I've experienced it. Nobody likes black women. It makes me feel really bad...


What Guys Said 2

  • I think that it feels good to be a white male, and Asian women have it good.

    Also, it's funny how low the percentages of women responding are compared to men. It seems like being a man on a dating site just plain sucks. No wonder so many men quit those dating sites. It must be awful for your self esteem.

    Men are 2 to 3 times more likely to respond than a woman.

    • Yeah, dating sites for most men is a crap shoot, more for entertainment than anything. Only supermodel men can have easy going fun on those sites.

  • I do love Asian women, but I think it depends on the location the people live in. I'm sure in Africa black is the most desired and in Asia Asians are most desired.

    • Well I'm pretty sure this is data from the US, a multicultural country.

    • Eh, it's still mostly white here.

    • So what?

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