How can I make him more attentive again?

Alright so firstly I will admit that I'm being a little crazy, but most women can relate.

The situation: I'm "dating" a guy who lives some miles away. I met him last summer travelling and we had an instant connection. As time went on I was unsure at first about if I wanted to pursue things with him or not. So after a few months I decided to go visit him in his city. Things went really well and we became very close. I'm taking extremely will. He soon came and visited me in my city. While he was here he kept hinting at moving here and asked me to take him to the store he works at so he could get info about a possible transfer. I fell for him hard in these last few weeks and while he was visiting I'm sure he could see it in my eyes, as I saw it in his. After he left he was still very attentive and always making me a priority in his day to day. As of late he has been a been distant with the contact. Like going all day without acknowledging me. What's going on?

I know what you're thinking, "psycho bitch, chill!"

But why does someone go from being so attentive to taking you for granted once they feel like they "have you". It makes a girl uncomfortable, especially when there is distance involved.

What do I do?


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  • I only answered this question because no one else has. The answer is obvious. Ask him not us

  • Send him nudes.


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