So I want to send this to someone, but i'm not sure if I should?

"Okay so like, I was listening to some music and you kinda popped into my head, well not really I've been thinking about you all day anyway, I know I haven't really confessed my feelings for you so far and I haven't showed them but in all honesty I do like you, and I'd love to talk to you. I'm trying, and maybe it doesn't seem like I am, but I do like you and I do hope we can be a thing. I just wanted to say that"

this isn't a poem or anything, it's just right out of my mind it's what I want to tell this person, but I'm not so sure if it sounds alright. this person likes me as well, and they make it more obvious than i do. for now we only text but we'd like to talk at school and if we don't it'll be over and i really don't want that

i'd like to send it tonight or tomorrow


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  • send it that sounds good you had me going with it

    • thanks (:

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    • Haha nah it was for my crush but good that you liked it!

    • yes i liked it a lot. you are the smooth talker message me ok?

  • Yes definitely send it! guys love it when girls actually just tell us how they feel and don't leave us guessing and this is probably the perfect way to tell him

    • Thanks! I told him and it turned out well (:

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