Would you date someone you have to constantly fight for or defend?

I'm getting tired of dealing with everyones opinion with a guy i was seeing for awhile.
its tiring that i have to walk out to a coffee shop to meet him.
i can tell he's being worn down about it
and i feel tired by all the shit around me
im trying to mvoe out asap but im in between jobs at the moment
what would you do? would you keep a relationship if other people keep trying to fight or argue withs oemone you're trying to date?


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  • Exactly who is fighting who and why? It doesn't sound like it's worth it, according to you. You seem to want to give up on this guy.


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  • I make my own decisions mate. Ill date who th efing hell I want. Got nothing to do with anyone else.


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  • If I had real feelings for him I wouldn't care about what anyone else thought. Your relationship is your relationship and people are going to create their own opinions but they don't know what's going through your head or your heart.

    If he's good to you and you love him, you should always fight for him and not let other people's opinions influence your feelings about him. The more serious you get, the more people should come around anyway.