How many girls on here believe that one's online behavior is a direct reflection of the person they are in real life?

I mean, with so much of our day-to-day life taking shape through online chats and instant messaging, can a potential partner be judged on their online behavior?


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  • Clearly not. I'm much more polite and politically-correct in real life.

    I also don't speak in paragraphs.

    That's actually part of why I like to talk about sensitive or big subjects online. Everything just seems to flow better.

    • But then, isn't a major part of your personality reflected in your online behavior?

    • I guess you're implying a difference between "real life" and "in person", then.

      Yeah, I would say my online self is probably more accurate as to what goes on inside my head.

    • Yeah, personality is what I am saying. And when it comes to one's personality, I can't seen any differences in their online behavior and real life one.

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  • Since I joined I've always stood by keeping it real on this site. So I'm not a fake.
    I can say tho, that I don't present all aspects of my life here as I don't believe it's necessary to. That dies depend on if I can trust someone online tho.

    • Yes, one need not always be in relation with another, but isn't a primary part of your personality same in both mediums - online and in real life?

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    • i think the way u present urself in real life can be duplicated online. the only difference is a lack of other senses. like id deal with people here exactly the same as i would in reality.

    • Fair enough.

  • I don't think so.

    • So it's fair to say that you don't believe in online relationships blossoming?

    • They do. However, I don't believe that ones true self can be presented through photos and typing.

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  • Not necessary.. If he is lies, or is player, or 13 year old child...