Girls trying be slick with ya boy?

Met a girl new years, she was digging me, we hooked up for the night bc she couldnt stay away from me. I'm really considering being nice to this girl and give her a shot. problem is its on and off long distance. she lives 2 hours away at home but further when traveling. Anyway we have plans to meetup this weekend, but last two times i tried to have a phone convo she's been either busy watchin a movie or passed out lol... its already provin to be somewhat inconsistant. but she does hit me up if i dont text her, and she makes it a point to see how im doing and miss me txts which i respect a lot. im just curious would you have sex with other people during this time or try and be faithfulish for her. by the way we are not bf/gf. i mean whats to stop her from just moving on to a different guy or continue with her traveling. im the one living home progressing in my career and i dont like being disrespected when im a boss in the making..


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  • It doesn't sound like exclusive long distance would be a good idea... why not try an open relationship? Many girls are cool with that. No girls are cool with lying though, and careful what you do because bad reputations spread!

    • i dont like the women im talking to and paying for to be with other dudes sorry no thank you

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