Do you think I could make this girl that I have for a couple of classes like me just by looks, I'm kinda of a quiet guy but not a shy guy?

I know I'm cute , well I have a good self esteem girls always say I am but I do not know if this will keep me crushing on my crush. If this does not work then im going to have to talk to her but I kind of don't know what to say to her. I don't know her.


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  • Like you just by the way you look? Maybe you might get an initial reaction from her but no girl with any respect for you would like you simply based on your looks! Just talk to her and ask her how she is and get to know her, you might find she's not worth having, or she might work out you are :)

    • Yah I thought about it. Girls are shy lol I doubt she would ask me out or even talk to me anytime soon. If anything I would have to get over her. I'll try to talk to her somehow.

    • Thats great! and no most girls wouldn't ask you out even if she had the biggest crush on you in the world cos I think its the guys job really (not that girls dont or can't do it, i think its cool if someone has the balls for it) but to me its kinda reassurance that he actually likes me

    • Well there's this guy who keeps talking to the girls I get crushes on and he wins them over by selling them weed since weed makes you cool apparently. today he talked to the girl I was I liking and I got really upset since I starting to stop smoking.

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