I like this guy named chase campbell?

I like this guy named chase Campbell he is my dream crush im pretty shy to tell him that I like him but I'm scared of losing him to someone else *sigh* WHAT CAN I DO he usally call me by my first name then look pretty serious and then I turn around not knowing who it is and sigh like what? And become pretty serious then we stare at each other for a little while then he smiles a little bit and then I smerk still a little serious lol then he smiles all the way and laughs then I laugh too and walk away to report my friends stolen money but do u think he likes me back?


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  • You're too old for these stupid games. Ask him what he's doing some evening and if its nothing then ask if he'd like to do whatever with you

  • well, here's a hint for you, from a guy, if he knows you, the best thing to do is make an attachment, try spending time around him, just hanging out, share some secrets, and don't be afraid to say things you'd say to your comfier friends. Everything from grabbing him a drink from the vending machine to just chatting over philosophy over lunch is good. A "mind if I sit here?" is the ticket there.. Dates are usually nerve wracking and awkward, for guys, so it's better to leave those for when you just wanna go somewhere to eat, instead of meeting and talking about relationships.


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