This feels like I am cheating but I don't know. Am I bad?

I've been seeing this girl I really like for 5 months but we never made it official. She asked me if I wanted to make it official about 2 months in and I asked her for a day to think about it.

She said no and that she didn't want a boyfriend anyway...

So for the next 3 months we still texted but we barley hung out because she is super busy and makes plans with her friends.

I aked her twice if she was still into me and she says she's interested but I'm just not feeling the love. So I didn't initiate a text just to see how long it would take for her to text me. It's been a week and I've already found someone else who I've had sex with.

Is that bad? Why do I feel bad? Why would she tell me she likes me then fuck me off so much?

P. s. the girl I'm seeing now is a sexy Phillipino. She is 19 and I'm 21.

P. p. s the 1st lady I mentioned dosn't know I've moved on she still hasn't texted me. Honestly I almost for got about her.

Side note. 3 weeks ago I made plans to hang out with lady friend number one for this weekend coming up. What do I do about that? Just see is she ever texts me?


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  • So what you're saying is that you had a thing with someone that never really went anywhere and now you have a real something with someone else and you don't ever talk to the first one... is that correct?

    • Kind of. We talked but but she hasn't texted me in a week so I just started talking to someone else and it's moving really fast. Thanks for reading my long ass thing tho.

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  • If you are really into the Phillipino lady (and it sounds like she's a catch), forget about the old one!! She could cause you big trouble with the new one and doesn't sound like she's worth it.

    • Alright thanks I'll just not text her and see what happens.

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  • Since your with lady #2 I say tell #1 that you have a girl already don't feel bad its not like your married. Its up too you to chill with#1 or not. But there's no need because you got #2. Unless there's a way you make it a #3 lol

    • Yeah but lady one has a bunch of my comes and my zippo and I want that shit back.

    • Phillipino lady sounds nice so I say stay away from #1 or shell make you life a #2. You get what I'm saying?