Is he still into me after went all the way? He said he wants to get to know me?

Went to work hungover to make up hrs and when Iwas on a call the guy helped me out &we were talking. I gave him my number n we would text n he would text me a lot and call often. At first I was caught off guard n didn't like it but then I grew to really like it. Few days later I went to bars with friends & around 12 we chilled in my car n talked andlaughed a lot. He would give me his super warm jacket and find excuses pull me in close or get me to lean in until I just kissed him but I could read him and knew What he was doing. We didn't have sex that night but we got heated quite a bit. At work he would find a way to walk by me n touch me all the time. &on Thursday he was upset& wanted to chill and he said that he wanted to chill for real n after his workout we came to my place n were watching tv and cuddlingI was holding off he saidhe wants to get to know me take me out and asked if we could b togther. I just let go and we had sex which was a lot better than I ever thought. It had been a couple months that I had felt like that. I was happily in bliss afterwards n my legs felt like jello which I loved. He said he hadn't had sex in a yr and I asked how it was and he brought up What I did to him n it was good. The next day he left work earlydidn't see each other so I txted him wen I was out and he said I hope u don't think I forgot about u because I didn't. It was random thought was weird but brushed it off. And wanted to c him but he was tired and knocked out. I told him my roommate worked today on Sunday and we can b alone but I was hungover and went out for drinks withfriends &txted him still planning to see him. Around 10 I asked how late he was staying up and he said ummm I don't know I'm playing call of duty and I'm rlly into it I don't know lol and I txted back that I bet he was lol and 2 hrs later he said that it was a pretty hard game. he called3x &holds my hand when I drive. Opinions?


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  • Sounds like he touched you a lot. Honestly I'm under 18 and you sound kinda stupid. Lol but he most likely just wanted sex. I could be wrong


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  • He sounds like he isn't that interested in a relationship.

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