What thoughts are you thinking when talking to a hot girl or guy?

What do you think when talking to someone you like


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  • OMG... can't believe I'm talking to her... say something... say something!

    Ohhh she is so hot!! Oh, why can't I think right now? She's so cool! Why can't I be laid back like her?

    Wow, she sounds so perfect! She's so pretty.. okay be calm, be cool, you can do this. She's talking to you isn't she?

    Why did I say that? Why is my mouth dry right now?

    Wait.. why didn't I say that earlier? Omg, I hope I look all right.

    Say something.. say something clever... you've got to say something.. say anything!!! No one has never spoken for this long ever... say something!!!

    OMG, why did I say that? Please please please let her like me!

    You are so hot, please go out with me... would you like to go out.. no that doesn't sound right..

    Got it, Could I take you out for dinner sometime? Yes.. no.. wait... dammit I've got nothing to lose... wait is she single?

    OMG.. what do I say.. quick the conversation will die out soon.. got to ask her out.. please ask me out hot girl..



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  • here are me thoughts

    "I can't believe she is talking to me"i know lol

    "why is she talking to me"
    "am i weird"
    "i guess she is making fun of me"

    in the end they make me insecure


  • I think "you have been chatted up all your life and probably have had more partners in one week than in my entire life"

  • I think that their body temperature is extremely high

  • I keep thinking not to show her any interest or she might label me another creep.

  • nothing... i don't think anybody is better by virtue of being attractive...

  • I'm usually feeling some kind of resentment that the meat they exist in is considered good looking and society places a high value on it. But they were just given that and did nothing to achieve it and often don't deserve the preferential treatment and privilege they receive. I think they don't know how lucky they are that they will never have to worry about being made to feel like they aren't good enough because of something they have no control over.

    • People are still rude to good looking people as well

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    • Good

    • I am glad we came to a resolution.

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