Can I hang out with her or is it wrong?

About oh say 6 months ago one of my friends started dating this girl. She and I have met a lot at friendly outings and have become good friends. However my friend recently broke up with this girl. From what I could tell from what she told me, he didn't care much about the relationship... always played his video games when she called and never called her much.

Anyways, he didn't care much about the relationship and she did. Recently her and I have been hanging out, as friends of course because we both have stated we don't have feelings for the other that are beyond friendship.

Basically where my question comes in, is it wrong that I'm hanging out with her, on a friend level, after he broke up with her from a relationship he didn't even care much to put effort into?


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  • Not wrong at all, some people don't work out for legitimate reasons, and that has nothing to do with you.


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  • Guy Code out of respect don't keep it from your boy. I doubt the you are both not interested in one another what's the real truth here bud. Your not gonna risk your friendship just to be friends with a girl are ya? I think he should be cool with it but most people won't be.

    • So a male friend is more valuable than a female friend?

    • No but if he was the friend from the beginning you owe it to him to talk to him about it. I am a guy I have been through this believe me he needs to talk to the guy and make it cool otherwise he might not only lose his friend buy gain and enemy. I think it is worth not being her friend to avoid this sorry darlin.

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