Want more.. but I don't want to push it... feeling confused?

I'm 30.. met a guy 3 months ago..
we have been seeing each other for 6 weeks..
he is a nice guy.. and i really like him a lot.
we see each other twice a week.. which is fine..
but the rest of the time we hardly talk..
when we do it's only ever by sms.. it's never on the phone.
i loathe sms.. i feel that i really want to connect with him.. talk to him and learn more about him..
but i just can't with a couple of words back and forth of a little screen.
he says all these amazing things.. that he really likes me.. misses me.. thinks that I am amazing. and that to him i am a part of his life.
yet.. when he went to a friends 40th the other day he didn't invite me..
I don't want to come across as a nutcase or needy.. because I'm not.
I just feel like I can't connect with him at all.. when I'm not in the same room as him.. and I feel like I don't see things progressing with us.. if the only contact I have with him when I don't see him is a few words every now and then on a screen.
what should i do
what should i say.

i really really dont know how to approach this subject with him.
i am so worried about pushing too much too fast..
and making him even more distant..
but it's really bothering me.. i dont want a sms boyfriend.. i want to have a real conversation with him.. when i can hear him laugh instead of see a laughing smiley face


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  • call him up and see how it goes. it may be an enticing experience to him.


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  • 6 weeks is still kinda early. I would stay status quo until about Valentine's day and then make a move for a closer relationship.

  • Im not a sms guy, I hate texting.

  • Have you asked him if he'd like to call sometimes yet?


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