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Miss cheating ex girlfriend... Why?

I'm gonna make this very simple. Girl and guy. Girl is 17, guy is 20. Girl approaches guy. Guy loves girl immediately. Guy finds out that girl isn't over her ex boyfriend, and is probably a rebound. Still loves her anyway. Girl and guy break up lots of times concerning ex boyfriend and girl talking to him. Girl always begs for guy back and says she will change. She never changes and keeps on breaking up.

Girl begs for guy one night and says she'll change. Girl says she loves guy, and will never do it again. That night guy asks girl to spend the night tomorrow, she says no, she's going to see her grandmother out of town. NEXT DAY girl goes out with ex boyfriend and lies about it and cheats on guy.

Now guy is miserable in relationship and still loves her to death. They get back together and guy feels like her has to babysit girl. Girl doesn't like that, and calls guy clingy, and high maintenance. Girl breaks up with guy and tells her to never talk to her again. Guy is heartbroken and devastated..

Guy has waited a month and two weeks. Longest time ever no contact. Misses girl dearly. Finds out girl is back together with ex through Facebook status on her exes profile saying "I love bae". Girl was only one to like it. ONLY ONE.

Girl comes into guys work all the time with mother, guy works in a grocery store. Girl will walk past guys department, like guy doesn't see her. Girl knows he is working, she knows where he parks his car.

Also, girl was told by someone that guy has a new girlfriend, and she tries to add him on snapchat but then deletes guy quickly after. Why is girl playing mind games?

Guy is very devastated and doesn't know what to do. He loves this girl with all his heart, and wants her back, but he knows she'll just keep hurting him.
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Her mom keeps coming in and trying to talk to me. Saying that she misses me.. But her daughter is a cheating bitch so Sorrrrrrry...
Miss cheating ex girlfriend... Why?
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