How do I move on from someone I still have some feelings for?

It seems like just yesterday we we're all into each other, telling each other good moring, hugging kissing etc. Now it's been a month and some days that we haven't spoken. I know he wants nothing to do with me because last time I text/called him he ignored me, so I just left it alone. I accepted it and forgot about him from then on, but now thoughts of him and what we had has returned. I just feel sad because why do I have to refrain from showing how I feel by not reaching out to him? I know it's for the best to protect my heart, it just hurts. I still considered him a friend :(


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  • I'm now going through the same thing. Funny rather. You only need time to heal. And lots of distractions to steal. Do exercise, watch things that make you laugh, refrain from the same social media you two talk on, and mostly do everything but think about him. Hard as it may seem, but when u put it together u have been too busy to remember who he really is to you. I'm going through same thing though. Sad really.

    • Thanks! Yea I'm just going to keep doin what I've been doing by reminding myself why we stopped talking in the beginning. Besides he hasn't reached out me and I'm sure he still has my number. O'well life goes on! I hope things get better for you too :)

    • Yeah, it will we are going to hang out this Tuesday after that I'm cutting her short, she has 5 min talk to me on phone, Facebook will be a hi and a bye , in real life it's going be flirting and playing until I feel I had enough then tell her to stop. Reason for small communication cause we work together and sorta, I do mean sort of like her. By only a little bit. I use treat her nice and all but she just want attention and she's fragile as well.

  • If you are certain that its over.. You know the best thing is to start looking for someone else.. I mean, it worked for me. Find someone better. It'll take time but time heals.


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