My boyfriend is pulling away?

Everything was perfect with my boyfriend for awhile. Then he found out his brother had died and his cousin died a couple weeks later. After all of that, I found out my brother was in the hospital, I ended up getting pregnant, but miscarried. You can just imagine how much stress this stuff has had on our relationship ( we both have days where we just want to cry)
Anyways, we decided to start buying stuff for our own apartment about a couple months ago because we both wanted to live together (he told me he did at least) So now we finally found the perfect apartment and have a move in date of Feb the 7th. We have already bought everything we needed.
Yesterday he said we were moving way too fast for him and we shouldn't move in together or it will ruin our relationship. He basically said he can't be in a relationship because he needs space. He said he loves me and would do anything in the world. I said I was not waiting for him and pretty much begged for him to stay together just not see each other as often. He finally agreed, but I feel like I should not have done that. I don't know if I can forgive him for doing that, and I don't want to put myself in a situation to get hurt like this down the road if he decides to do that again.
Should I break things up or let him have his space but always be hurt by this?


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  • I have no idea. may you choose the best.


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