Dating older men.. why is that there is always a problem?

I am constantly dating older men. It just happens. I don't go looking for them naturally they are just there. I tried to date people my own age but it never works out and I even go out of my way to look for them. But even guys I think are my age turn out to be thirty.

I am not immature. People call me an old soul trapped in a young girls body. I feel that sometimes there is something wrong with me. I am bit insecure about it since people often push their views on me telling me that I will get tired of them or they will get tired of me and etc. And I tried to fix it. But no matter what the guys that I date always are 28-30 years of age. It just happens naturally. I am 21 years old. I haven't met a lot of other girls who dated older men. Maybe a few but they were stock-up and seemed to portray that they were better than everyone when they have their bf. (till they break up). But can someone give me some advice or life lessons. Thank you so much for your time.

I get irritated at the fact that some of the guys I date say that I am only a "baby" or they feel guilty and never call again. Or they always ask about my parents...


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  • I like younger girls. Im now 28 and my 2 most recent ex gfs are 19 and 20 and a bit younger even when we dated. I had a problem with their age at first but just went with it.. At the moment im kinda starting to like a 21 year old.
    Just let it happen some guys might find you too young (like i did my ex gfs before). Its just a matter of taste.
    I clearly like younger girls who are independent and foreign. If they dont like a guy who is older forein and wel with my behavioral traits then thats just the way it is.

    Feel comfortable with your preferences and try find what you look for. Just having specific interestsmight making it harder to find the right person.

    • You can pm me for any kind of personal questtions.

      I hope im a bit usefull for you ;)

    • Definitely, and thank you so much for your answer. lol I had a good amount of foreign.

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  • You date individuals. There are challenges with anyone.

    It does sort of suck if you marry some guy 30 years older, it's fine now, but in 20 years, he's maybe dead or infirm, and you'd still only be 40.

    Do what makes your life better, and try to treat people decently. Beyond that, screw what people say.

    • Definitely. I am sorry for sounding judgmental. I never really feel that age is a problem or an indication of who a person is. Its just something that was brought to my attention because people in my lecture about it to me a lot to a point where I thought something was wrong. Again Thank you so much for your time and your answer.

    • *in my life lecture about it to me

    • You didn't sound judgmental, you sounded judged ;)

  • Older men in my opinion date younger girls, because well they have confidence issues. Once the initial euphoria and their confidence and self esteem surges, the reality sets in a bit. Or they simply are not in it for a relationship rather just a fun time and once it starts to get serious they bail.


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  • Older men manipulate younger women

    • I think that happens.

      However when I was young, the guys most girls were sleeping with were the manipulative guys their own age. I'm not sure that's necessarily better.

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    • I totally agree with you. I grew up with girls who went through those type of experiences also. I am not pushing aside that this does not happen. I know it does. It is just something you have to watch out for and definitely knowing you are are first as a person is the key. And being aware.

    • That last comment was for Kheserthorpe lol sorry forgot to put your name there