What to do when a girl you have been dating had surgery? What are the right approachs to get her to see you? Advice girls?

I have been dating this girl for a while. We are very much into each other. She had surgery and she had something bad happen to her.. I want to see her , but she want me to see her when she better. I want to send her something, but I really want the timing to be right. She like to internalize her problems before she like to see people again. She has done this with family and friends. I did try to get her to open up , but she is not comfortable with talking about it. She like to step back and be by herself. She has told me that she not dating anyone else , and she is only with me. she miss me as much as I miss her. Girls, She said , she will do something with me when she is better. I have tried to Cheer her up in Conversation and she has felt better, but I really want to see her in person. I really don't want to seem like a push over. Her friend and family really do not know we are dating. A relative does live with her , but he is unaware of us dating. She really never tells family or friends who she is dating. It has been 2 month since her surgery. Girl advice only. NO GUY ADVICE! PLS!

  • Send her something in the mail anonymously, Send her Candies and a positive message
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  • Show up at her door step
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  • Keep talking to her in conversation over phone or FB
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  • Wait for her to come talk to me about what has been going on
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  • Stop talking to her and move on
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  • Hmmm... Well she's either being legit and only wants you too see her when she's btter (in that case the mailing option would be perfect) or if you think she's lying to you for some reason and is maybe seeing someone else, or if she's not really into you, I'd go there and see her and tell her how you feel

    • Ok, I'll try the gift, I have a feeling she hiding something

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