Will she come around, it makes no sense?

Dated back in July , she left me before without any notice, played the hot and cold game for some weeks. got back together, had sex, things got too serious too fast ( pregnant, miscarriage ). again she seemed gone, later we were intimate again, than had some guy friend sleep over ( she told me for hand ) , not normal to me. than went on a holiday, started an argument with me, i called out her irresponsbile behavior. she blockes me from social media. later that evening added me on Fb again, havetn seen her a while, i see her standing outside with her aunts puppy, i walked outside she walked away from me, and when i asked her to talk, she acted like a spoiled child. saw her aunt that evening, she told me she was already haning around with another guy, tried to talk to her she closed her door, waited outside, eventually left because she couldnt handle it. than deleted me from fb, so i posted some horrible stuff about her ( off to the next dick, happy you aren't the mother of MY child after all, how could i be so stupid sticking my dick in there, glad i dont have any stds ) . she ofcourse was informed, started treathing to call the police ( for what, i have no idea ) . she sends me this message through fb, whats app, unbanns me, adds me as friend again. asks me to call her, she is spitting fire, worthless conversation, telling me its over for her, more than once, clearly emotional angry, not willing to let me even talk, than later suggest we could eventually try again in some months time , i respond, she says no no no its over... i tell her , i know you still like me, hangs up the phone. day after i went jogging with a good looking girl, and i crossed her path. said Hi, she ignores me, girl told me that by the way she looked, she seemed shocked , upset and uncomfortable. I do want her back, and im going to try the NC rule. i really dont know why she hates me so bad ( already ), i have never spoken bad about her once, before that FB post, will she come around?



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  • I don't know why you want her back, she obviously has some stuff to deal with on her own. You should really just stop talking to her. If you give it a good amount of time she might calm down and come around, but more likely is you'll realize you're better off without her and you'll find someone better.

    • i dont know that either but i just like spending time with her, i think she is in a rebound because what happened last months, how can you even just leave like that. i think she also painted me black in front of her family. advising her not to see me anymore , no idea why, I've always been very kind and conciderate to her, especially when she got pregnant. she makes me out to be this horrible person im not, i sat in front of her door, not agressive at all. willing to talk to her. like adults, im 27 and she is 24 , she was very childish. so i left after wasting my time. i do notice i have said some horrible stuff but her behaviour doesn't make sense. to her its over, even after making that remark of trying again eventually, she is acting childish , i said her Hi normally and she just couldnt take it that i was with another girl. if she couldnt care less, she could block me, tell me im an asshole and tell me Hi when she saw me together. ill give her some time, but i do want her back!

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    • Okay so then what I think is right is to distance yourself and like you said work on your own life. If she still has even a few feelings and then sees you having fun and being successful she might turn around for you

    • i think she still likes me, if i can still make her angry, im still in her mind. but well its about me, im a nice, decent person and i dont deserve the way she treats me or throws away my feelings in the garbage. her life is a mess, and she is making it even worse. if her ex gets free, he will take his child away from her, if not, her daughter wil be like her. its not my problem, if she cuts me from her life. i deeply like her but i dont want her to drag me down. she has to change and so do i, i need to set boundries. no guy friends sleeping over, spending late hours, i dont care , its inconciderate towards me. having normal conversation, etc...

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