How does the American 'asking people out' work?

There's a girl i only know for a couple of weeks but im starting to like her. She is bolvian and spent the past 4 years in the united states before moving to Europe . I might want to ask her out.
So i was wondering whats the proper etiquette for asking someone out in the us? (Just to avoid misunderstanding etc.)

O maybe some extra info got her number got her on fb we are already doing stuff together.


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  • Ask for her number and see if she wants to hang out.

    • Wel got her number and we already went out but with her sister and aunt who is actually younger then her. So it was not a date.

    • Then just text her and say wanna hang out.

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  • wanna grab a cup if coffee

    • Thats how you ask people out on a date?
      Like i meet up with her and some girls she's related to before but that was just friendly.

    • You say what @destinybae said but word it like this
      "You, Me, Starbucks, NOW."
      Starbucks is always a yes, for 92% of females. Guaranteed.

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  • You arm wrestle her. If you win it's shown as a primitive mating sign of territorial and physical conquest and you besting her in said competition shows that you are a strong and healthy male individual. Don't forget to beat your chest and throw grass leaves into the air to signify your mating union.

  • Same way you'd ask a woman anywhere. Their all the same no matter where

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