Do some girls not like texting?

In class my teacher let us take pics of some notes on the board and she asked me if I needed her to take a pic for me and I said no because my camera was broken. So she gave me her phone number and sent it to me. I thought she liked me because of that and she laughs and smiles at stuff I say. I always text her first and she replies really fast (sometimes less than a minute and usually 1-2 min) then after a few text messages (about 3-4 texts back and forth) she stops texting me. So do some girls not like to text? She seems interested in person but not over text.. maybe she doesn't like me but if she didn't like me I would like her to tell me. Also I dont see her talking to a lot a boys she talks to a few but that is pretty much it. Sometimes in class I see her on her phone so I think she might ignore some of my texts. But this one time I texted her saying our fav show might get canceled and she never responded and when I talked to her about it the next day she didn't know it got canceled? So does she not see some of these text messages? I don't know if she something is wrong with her phone or if she is just ignoring me.


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  • She probably don't like texting. I have over 300 texts in my phone. And when people see me they say i always have my phone in my hand but honestly i be reading. Lol. She probably does like you. But girls are difficult.


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  • Why don't you just ask her out? That would clear it up pretty fast lol


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