Do you believe that once person hits a certain age they should stop trying to find dates?

so a woman i know it turning 30 soon. she thinks that since she's never had a relationship she should stop dating soon. she thinks it too late for her. I've told her that people get married all the time at any age. my parents divorced when i was a kid and they are both remarried now. she said its different for her situation since she has no experience. she said most people have experience by 30 and that its only seen as a red flag for someone with no experience.

i disagree with her. im just wondering how many people actually have this mindset? im hoping most people dont because i want to show her this question if i get enough answers. i just dont think she should stop dating.

i know a lady who was widowed years ago and she's 65 and she just eloped!

no one else can answer this?


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  • There's no age for a single adult to stop dating!


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  • Don't give up. Just tell your friend that everything best in life happens accidentally. Life is full of Surprises. If you asked me what is best age for finding real love i would answer:love doesn't need an age. It just needs human who never gives up and is always ready to "battle" for her happiness. Life is ahead;you are in the age of Balzac. Age when woman is the most attractive. You are young. No matter you are experienced or not. You are woman who is created to be loved.
    Imagine:my neighbor married in age of 75 and she considers herself luckiest person in the world. Please don't give chance to stereotypes to ruin your self-confidence. You are one and no one in the world is exactly same as you. You are unique and of course you have many many opportunities to be happy. Just don't give up please.))
    I hope you'll be another luckiest woman in the world just help your fate to reach its destination.

    • thats what I've been telling her but she doesn't take me seriously because of my age. im 22 and she thinks since I've had boyfriends and i am with someone right now that i dont know what im talking about.

    • Tell her that I don't have boyfriend right now, but I feel fine and it is not tragedy. We have so many years ahead to taste everything ))

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