Should I keep pursuing this girl?

I met this girl at work who I really like because of her amazing personality and her as a person in general. I took her out on a date a few weeks ago which I thought went well. The date wasn't awkward because we see and talk to each other at work everyday. We talked about a bunch of random stuff and I made her laugh a lot. After the date I asked her if she would go on a second date and she said yes. Since she said she would go on a second date with me, it told me that she has interest in me. But since the date, whenever I would text her, she would respond with 5 letters or less answers and she would talk to me less at work. Since all this happened I have not taken her on the second date because I'm not entirely sure what she wants. I don't know if she wants to be a thing or just friends. Mind you, I have not asked her how she feels about me yet. I just want to see other peoples opinions on this issue.


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  • instead of a date why not just a casual drink out. dont specify if it was a date or not. that way its just you two being friends and if things continue to go from there great if not then ypuve got a friend


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  • Well if she's being distant its probably not a good sign maybe just ask her out on that second date after all she agreed to it. Maybe she is just dealing with a bunch of other stuff. I have stopped persuing girls in the past because other things distracted me. If you asking her out doesn't lead to a date or at least a conversation about it then you know...