What do you do when you find out you're pregnant for your boyfriend?

Guys what would you do if your girlfriend is pregnant and you're the father but you don't want the baby because you aren't ready to be a father or you aren't ready to take the responsibilities? Would you break up with her and tell her you cannot take the big news and that you never planned for this ?
Girls what would you do if you're pregnant for your boyfriend? And he doesn't want the baby
How would your parents react? Would you give the baby up for adoption after birth? Would you keep the baby or would you abort the baby secretly without your boyfriend knowing? Or would you do things that you know could hurt the baby and make you have a miscarriage?


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  • I wouldn't get involved in something sexual until I'm ready to be a father, yes people it is actually easy to suppress your sexual thoughts until you get married.

    • So you are a virgin?

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    • Thank you, stay safe, you wouldn't want to lose it for someone who'd dump you the next day as it was nothing.

    • Sure thanks.

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  • You need to talk to someone you trust. This is a major life decision.

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