Do Girls Find Fat Guys Repulsive?

I was in shape but, in the past 2 years I've gained around 70lb and not gonna lie I've seen a major difference of how i been treated i literally get no sexual attention anymore. one girl i used to fool around with even told me "eww" when i tried flirting with her once. are girls really that shallow?

  • Yes more than guys.
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  • Yes, but not as much guys.
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  • Im gonna say No, although i don't realize i judge sexual partners by appearances also.
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  • No. Not at all
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  • Some do, Most don't.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you gained 70 pounds that fast, that could mean you just gave up on staying in good shape. I'm not saying you did, but that's generally the way it is. Most women are shallow enough to only judge someone by their appearance. Some see it the way I saw it. Just depends. There are some that don't even care.

    • not gonna lie i did. i used to be a boxer, and hike and kept track on how many miles i ran daily along wit trying to beat time, however i bought a ps4, bought the newer pokemon games, and got really lazy, i always ate a lot but my workouts made up for it.

    • There's my point :-/

    • Thanks :-)

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What Girls Said 2

  • I'm sorry that I come off as shallow because I don't want a tub of lard inside my lady pouch. xox

  • It depends on how fat the person is.


What Guys Said 5

  • the thing you need to remember is, girls CAN get laid anytime they want. even if they are fat and ugly. Women will argue against that, but if they go to a club and act slutty enough, they will get laid. FACT. There is always some guy drunk and desperate enough to fuck the horrendobeast... however, guys NEED to be on their A game to get a look in.

    So, in answer to your question "Do Girls Find Fat Guys Repulsive?" maybe not all of them do, however, they can afford to be picky.

    I was once a fat guy too :(

  • They're more open to it than guys are.

  • How fat did you get? You can still get some as long as you're not ridiculously overweight.

    • im not morbidly obese, but you can still say I'm fat.

    • Yeah you can still get some. Getting laid, and just getting girls overall, is a mental game.

  • Dude I'm at that point i don't get girl anyways so don't really need to maintain a fit body

    • sorry to hear that bro. but I'm gonna start working out again, I'm just amazed by how different things got its like night and day.

  • As a former fat guy, don't let anyone fool you. Your odds of getting women diminish dramatically once you're overweight.

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