Girls, is she trying to send me a signal?

I had been seeing this girl really casually for about 3 months. I admittedly didn't put a lot of effort into it. About a month ago she broke it off because she said we didn't communicate well. This is when I realized how much I like her. I told her this and that I want to be with her but she insisted that we don't communicate and we should be friends. I told her I'm not sure I can handle being friends but I'd let her know when I was ready.
About two weeks later she started texting me asking if I wanted to go running (which we used to do a lot). We've run a couple times since then.
Do you think she may still have feelings for me, or is she really just trying to be friends?


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  • Just trying to be friends. If you aren't happy with that then don't see her.

  • experts are working on it... but now... you can't understand what a girl want from you... :P


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