Does my good guy friend like me?

(Keep in mind were both big time gamers) We hang out almost everyday and lately , he's been acting strange. Last night, We beat the final boss on the zelda wii game (It was epic!!!) and i was so happy i hugged him and he blushed.(he never blushes) Also, recently he started to call me "babe." Plus, one time we were hanging out at his house on a super cold day. I asked him if he had a blanket i could use (it was -5 degrees out.. of course i was cold) He got one and i got cozy on the couch. Then, he curled up right next to me. We both feel asleep. He also asks me for relationship advice which he never does and asks weird when i ask him who he likes and changes the subject. .-. Does all this mean anything? Does He Like me as more than a gamer friend?


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