Ladies, will she text me back? She asked my number? She even missed her train to stay talking to me?

So this girl caught me skipping the train to get in for free. She mad eye contact and smiled at me. So i then looked at her and said "You better not tell". She was smiling the whole train ride and asking me questions. Long story short we chatted, she got off on the train station and decided to miss her train to continue to talk to me. she asked for my number and wanted to hang out with me (we live a few blocks away). She even said that she has only dated dominican (that's where I'm from) But she hasn't texted me yet. It was at 9 pm and now it's 11:46 pm. She said she was going to record some music. But how long do girls take to text a guy they like when THEY asked for the number?
Am i thinking about it too much? What have you girls done in the past when asking a guys number?

  • She'll text back
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  • She's just waiting a little longer to text me. Doesn't want to seem needy
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  • She's never responding.
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  • Slow down romeo its only been 2 hours shell text you within a few days or maybe less be patient.

    • hahah she texted me. Im not use to giving mines out. lol soyeah i was getting a bit ahead. lol